Monday, 30 April 2012

Audience Feedback for Your Story Calls Me

A film by Beatrice Allegranti and Jonathan Wyatt 
To be screened at the Embodying Loss Symposium on the 20th June

“This film was amazing…it made me cry but it also made me happy for some reason”

“Very, very touching…the courage of people is admirable…”

“A beautiful production. The music accompanied the stories and images really well and didn’t detract at all from the performances. I found it really moving…”

“Beautiful, I want to see it again…”

“Your story call me to celebrate, to appreciate, to be aware of life, of love, of our ancestors...thank you”.

“…I realized loss and grieving is not absolute or concrete…its cyclical and circular…Your creative artistic process moved within me deeply…a masterpiece!”

“ I think that you have given people a wonderful opportunity to express their grief in a way that has included feelings, the understanding of them and the ability to let go of the weight of that feeling…”

“I felt that you captured that place between life before and life after loss, perhaps its not a place but more like a pathway, where you are changed and changing”.

“..I felt tears coming back of joy and sorrow, a celebration of life and death. I felt strongly connected to the people on the screen, the stories”.


“It has allowed me to think back over my life, connecting with emotions of lost family that I hadn’t been awake of how to grieve over…”.

“Such personal stories shared with authenticity and sensitivity, beautifully and tenderly touched me, thank you”.

“ The film was a beautiful kaleidoscope of sensations and feeling, movement and music”.

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  1. The Embodying Loss Symposium will feature the short film Your Story Calls Me - 10 autobiographical performances of loss and grief.