Thursday, 7 June 2012

List of presentations and performances

CATR Embodying Loss Symposium
at the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, 20th June

Dr Bonnie Meekums: Lost Bodies (extract from autoethnographic study)
Doe Warnes: Anatomical perspective on loss (blending Western anatomical concepts and Chinese medicine)
Dr Viv Martin: Imagery and identity construction in illness narratives – negotiating loss and transformation
Dr Jeannie Wright: Writing as therapy (autoethnography)
Dr Beatrice Allegranti and Dr Jonathan Wyatt: Performing our losses into being
Gerry Harrison: Embodied Psychopathology and loss
Dr Caroline Hoffman: Mindfullness and loss in the context of Cancer Care
Mitzi Blennerhassett: Never mind (experience of cancer and loss)

Geoffery Unkovich: Lost Words
Marina Rova: Silent Story (performed by Tasha Colbert)

Layla Smith: filmed dance solo of illness and loss in a father-daughter relationship
Dr Beatrice Allegranti and Dr Jonathan Wyatt: Your Story Calls Me (15 mins colour)
Dr Beatrice Allegranti: Driving Life - extract from the 35 min dance and science film Becoming Bodies (2012)

Experiential Plenary
Dr Beatrice Allegranti and Dr Jonathan Wyatt (writing and dancing reflections of the day)

Jackie King: photography exhibition
Neil Emmanuel: art installation

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